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Gov 2.0 Kurilpa Bridge, Brisbane

Published on March 15th, 2012 | by Matthew Murray


#GovCampQld – thoughts, people, tweets and links

I recently attended GovCamp Queensland, a fantastic one day event that took place at the State Library of Queensland. It was an opportunity for those working in government (or those interested in government) to network, share knowledge, and to talk about innovation and collaboration.

Some of the topics covered at GovCamp Queensland included social media, online communications, community engagement, open data and emergency management.

Here is my collection of thoughts, interesting people, tweets and links from GovCamp Queensland 2012.

5 thoughts

  1. What a fantastic, world-class facility we have at the State Library of Queensland. ‘The Edge’ has free wi-fi, a great auditorium, meeting rooms and labs, a good café, beautiful river views and is close to the city and transportation.
  2. People in local, state and federal government are very keen to speak with, share and learn from their colleagues. I wonder if any ongoing informal bar camps will arise from #govcampqld?
  3. People across government are very keen to talk about cross-agency collaboration. What tools can facilitate that best? Yammer was suggested.
  4. Some clever people are doing some clever things with Google Fusion Tables.
  5. Dipping in and out of sessions can be fun but can also made me wish I’d been there from the start of that session!

5 people I enjoyed listening to

In no particular order…

  1. James Kliemt from Queensland Police Service talking about social media.
  2. Nathan Scholz from Queensland Railways talking about social media.
  3. Eileen Culleton from Ipswich City Council who is doing some fantastic work on the Emergency 2.0 Wiki.
  4. David Wallace from the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion, South Australia, talking about connectedness.
  5. Everyone who spoke at the bar camp session talking about cross-agency collaboration.

My favourite 5 tweets

In no particular order…

5 links


Okay, so I liked way more than 5 tweets. You can see more great tweets mixed in with photos from Instagram and Flickr on my Storify story GovCamp Queensland 2012.

Twitter list

Yvonne Thompson has put togther a great list of #govcampqld tweeps

Videos & podcasts

You can view videos and listen to podcasts of some of the speakers


Reading Room have published presentations from spearkers at GovCamp Queensland

Flickr photos

You can also see the 38 photos I took at #GovCampQld on Flickr

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  3. Lots of interesting stuff to follow up on here. Really like the 5-5-5-5 approach!

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