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Reviews iPhone Photography

Published on September 20th, 2012 | by Matthew Murray


iPhone Photography by Misho Baranovic [book review]

Want to learn more about mobile photography? Start here.

Melbourne photographer Misho Baranovic is one of the World’s leading experts on mobile photography. In his new ebook iPhone Photography – How to shoot, edit and share great photographs, he shares a wealth of experience and knowledge covering all aspects of taking photos with your iPhone.

The first thing I noticed about this ebook was how good it looks. iPhone Photography is beautifully laid out which makes flicking through it a joy – on every page there is something that catches your eye. It took me a while to force myself to start reading it at the beginning.

As the title suggests, the ebook is split up into 3 chapters – Shoot, Edit, and Share.

Chapter One: Shoot

Basics: where to begin? starts off with Misho showing how he grips his iPhone and then gives an overview of the in-built photography functions on the iPhone – the native iPhone camera app and the Photos app.

Taking control – camera replacements apps describes  the typical features that can be found in camera replacement apps, followed by a useful table listing the features and pros & cons of 6 of the most used camera replacement apps – Camera+, Camera Awesome, ProCamera, 645 Pro and 6 x 7 App.

Next comes a full 5 pages on how Misho uses his camera replacement app of choice – ProCamera. I’ve had ProCamera on my phone for about a year now, but I have rarely used it, preferring Camera+. Misho’s explanations have made me want to use it more.

Finding your subject – is one of the most interesting sections of the ebook. Over 30 pages, five different genres of photography are examined in turn – with advice, interviews, diagrams and exercises to help you get the best out of your subjects.

In On the street, Misho gives 10 very useful tips on how to approach street photography with the iPhone. With the family looks at taking portraits of your nearest and dearest. In nature examines landscape photography. Travelling abroad provides travel photography tips and lists the ideal iPhone travel toolkit. At night describes how to bag great night time images.

iPhoneography book

iPhone Photography – How to shoot, edit and share great photographs

Chapter Two: Edit

Edit starts off with a run down of the native iPhone editing capabilities – rotate, auto-enhance and cropping.

Next is a quick overview of One touch apps looking at Hipstamatic and ShakeItPhoto, followed by Filter based processing which has a look at Cross Process and Camera+.

Professional processing takes a more in-depth look at my favourite editing app – Snapseed.  Misho walks us through basic colour photo edits using Snapseed, followed by a black and white edit. Next is a look at how iPhoneographer Jordi V. Pou uses Filterstorm to create mobile masterpieces.

Finishing off the chapter is a tutorial using Phoster, a great app which is a fairly recent arrival to the app store.

Chapter Three: Share

In the final chapter, Misho describes his workflow for sharing his mobile photos on different social networks – Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, EyeEm and others.

It also covers hashtagging, local photo walks, a useful section on getting your images ready to print, and the Instaburb book.

iPhone Photography

iPhone Photography is beautifully laid out

My highlights

  1. The ebook is well designed and beautifully laid out.
  2. Links to other resources (websites, apps, videos) work seamlessly on your digital device, enabling you to dip in and out of the book effortlessly while exploring the world of mobile photography.
  3. Discovering new apps – I have over 50 photo, video and editing apps on my iPhone, however there were still a couple of gems that I hadn’t discovered until I read this book – ProHDR and Autostitch.
  4. The interview with Robert-Paul Jansen – I found this interview particularly interesting. I enjoyed looking at his fairytale landscapes and reading about how he created them with Camera+ and ProHDR. I also loved his approach to photography to fit it in around his family – something I sometimes find a struggle.
  5. The book has just the right mix  of diagrams, charts, examples, photos, interviews and exercises.


iPhone Photography – How to shoot, edit and share great photographs by Misho Baranovic is one of the best photography books I’ve read in the last few years. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about taking great photos on your iPhone. It would make a great Christmas gift for family and friends.

There is a great deal of knowledge in the book. Even reading things I already knew was great – it gave a sense of validation that the way I was doing something is the way someone at the top of his game is doing it.

My only criticism of the ebook is that I wished it was longer – I enjoyed it so much I could’ve easily devoured a book 2 or 3 times as long.  In particular, I would’ve loved some more depth in the Finding your subject and Professional processing sections.

Let’s hope another book from Misho is coming soon!

iPhone Photography by Misho Baranovic [book review] Matthew Murray
Look and feel
Value for money

Summary: Want to learn more about mobile photography? Start here. A great book at a great price.



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