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Reviews TiltpodMobile

Published on October 14th, 2012 | by Matthew Murray


Tiltpod mobile – the iPhone stand that’s always with you [review]

Tiltpod mobile is a cool little micro stand for the iPhone 4 / iPhone 4s. It performs the same kind of function as a tripod – it provides extra stability for you when taking a video or photo using your iPhone.

Light and compact

The Tiltpod is light and compact. Like the iPhone itself, you can take it with you wherever you go. A few months ago I bought a Gorillapod for my iPhone – I hardly ever take it out with me though because it doesn’t easily fit in my pocket. The Tiltpod however, fits on my keyring and is always with me.


The tiltpod is light, compact, and fits on your keyring.

How sturdy is Tiltpod?

Is the Tiltpod as sturdy as a Manfrotto tripod? Well, no. But you can’t fit a Manfrotto on your keyring! I’ve tested out the Tiltpod a number of times in the last few weeks and I’m quite impressed with it.

Your iPhone 4 / iPhone 4s will fit in the holder in both landscape and portrait orientation. When in landscape orientation (below) it feels very sturdy and you can swivel your iPhone around 360 degrees to get just the right angle. In portrait orientation, you can really only have your iPhone straight up – putting it on any angle will cause it to fall over.


The tiltpod at work – you can easily swivel your iPhone around to get just the right angle.

Build quality

The Tiltpod has a quality feel to it. There are two parts to it – the iPhone holder/adaptor and the base. Both parts are magnetised and they snap together strongly. The holder/adaptor has some strong thread attached to it which ensures that when the two separate, you won’t lose it (you can see the thread in the top right of the photo below). The bottom of the base is green and has a rubber feel to it which makes it grip to surfaces.

The bottom of the tiltpod is made from a rubber-like material which grips to surfaces.

Why use a Tiltpod?

Here are some possible uses of the Tiltpod mobile.

  1. Stop motion videos – I had great fun shooting some stop motion videos with the Tiltpod mobile. The one below was shot at SeaWorld while we were waiting in a queue. I didn’t plan on shooting this before we went out for the day, but since I had some time on my hands and had the Tiltpod mobile in my pocket, I thought, why not?
  2. Get in the picture – if you want to be in the photo, set your iPhone up with Tiltpod mobile and use the self-timer function found in many camera replacement apps such as Camera+, ProCamera and 645 pro.
  3. FaceTime – if  you have extended FaceTime sessions, the Tiltpod mobile could be just the thing you’re looking for to save you holding up your phone for a long time.
  4. Watch movies – if you usually prop your iPhone up somewhere so you can watch a movie on it, Tiltpod mobile would be a big improvement.

Any disadvantages?

The only real disadvantage of the Tiltpod mobile for me is that you have to take your case off your iPhone to use it. No big deal, after all, there are so many different types of case on the market it would be pretty hard to make a product that fits every one.

Another thing I have noticed is that the iPhone holder comes away from the magnetic base quite often when my keys jangle about in my pocket. But again, no big deal.

iPhone 5 compatibility

The iPhone 5 is thinner than the iPhone 4/4s, so it won’t fit in the Tiltpod mobile as is.

However, checking out the Tiltpod Facebook page, it seems that if you have a case around 1.7mm thick, it will fit in okay.


The Tiltpod mobile is well priced at $14.95 (USD) + shipping. At that price, you’d be crazy not to have one!

Tiltpod mobile – the iPhone stand that’s always with you [review] Matthew Murray
Value for money

Summary: For $15, you'd be crazy not to have one!


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