Instagram – the rise of a mobile giant

In January 2012 I started writing a blog post, which I never got round to publishing, called ‘Instagram – the rise of a mobile giant?’.

After the news last week that Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion in cash and shares, I think I can well and truly take the question mark off the end of the title of this post.

So how has this addictive photo sharing app become so successful in such a short space of time?

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#GovCampQld – thoughts, people, tweets and links

I recently attended GovCamp Queensland, a fantastic one day event that took place at the State Library of Queensland. It was an opportunity for those working in government (or those interested in government) to network, share knowledge, and to talk about innovation and collaboration.

Some of the topics covered at GovCamp Queensland included social media, online communications, community engagement, open data and emergency management.

Here is my collection of thoughts, interesting people, tweets and links from GovCamp Queensland 2012.

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Mobile photography – why your smartphone is the best camera

Life is once, forever

Last year I watched a documentary about legendary French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. An audio track of his voice recorded in 1973 played while his iconic black and white images flashed across the screen.

One passage really struck a chord with me, both in terms of photography and life in general.

“But life is very fluid; sometimes the pictures disappeared, and there’s nothing you can do. You can’t tell the person, ‘Oh, please smile again. Do that gesture again.’ Life is once, forever.”

Sadly, my life is a little too busy to be standing around with a Leica Rangefinder watching the world go by. Yet I want to capture my daily life, photograph my children and the places I visit.

I used to feel guilty that I didn’t always have my Nikon DSLR with me. The only camera I had on me was the one on my iPhone, but that was just for convenience, for fun. Mobile photography is not a serious form of photography… or is it?

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Social media during the #bigwet January 2012

8 thoughts about government communications during South East Queensland’s summer storms

A few weeks ago I was moaning to a fellow cricket fan about the fact that Brisbane always has the first test match of the summer, usually in late November. This year it meant the Gabba hosted a test against New Zealand rather than a test later in the summer against the more fancied India. “Well, we have to host the first test of the summer because we never get 5 days of dry weather in a row past December” he replied. He was spot on.

Just over a year after 2011’s devastating floods, the #bigwet was back on 24-25 January with torrential rain and flash flooding affecting South East Queensland. Most areas received 300mm of rain in 24 hours, with some areas receiving more than 400mm in that period. To put that into perspective, London’s annual rainfall is around 650mm. Dozens of roads and schools were closed and the emergency services were kept busy with many incidents occurring across the region.

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6 predictions for the web and social media in 2012

In April 2000, I’d just started my first job as a web designer in Dudley in the West Midlands. I was searching for some information on Google when our webmaster looked over my shoulder and snarled “Google is shite! Alta Vista is the only search engine that will survive the dot com boom!”

We can’t all be right with our predictions. Nevertheless, here are mine for 2012 – I’ll start with 3 social networks to watch in 2012 and finish off with 3 general predictions.

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